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Liberas stores more than 10 kilometers of archives from associations/organisations, individuals and families related to the history of liberalism in the broadest sense of the word. In addition to archives from the “liberal pillar”, the collection also contains archives of associations / organisations, people and families that are inspired by liberalism, act from the notion of free thinking or that have a connection to the liberal movement in one way or another .

The archives are searchable via the archives overview and the search function. A global description is made available of all the archives in the catalogue. More than 700 of these descriptions are linked to an inventory that describes the content of the archive in more detail. Consultation of archives is possible in the reading room and is sometimes subject to restrictions and / or conditions. It is both convenient and efficient to contact Liberas prior to your visit concerning with the documents you wish to examine.

Click here fort the reading room guidelines (NL)
Click here for the policy concerning the accessibility of archives (NL)

The current collection consists of archives from:

  • Political parties (Liberal Party – PVV/PLP – PVV – VLD – Open Vld, Vivant, Liberaal Appel, Lijst Dedecker) and their local and regional departments, pressure groups, movements, think tanks and research centres.
  • Cultural associations like the Willemsfonds, theatre groups, music organisations, libraries etc.
  • Sport and leisure associations like gymnastics clubs, football clubs, celebratory circles etc.
  • Target groups: women’s associations, youth and student associations, senior citizens and veterans organisations.
  • Social associations and organisations such as health insurance funds, savings banks, charitable organisations, hospitals, homes and prevention centres etc.
  • Liberal / non-denominational free schools, adult education organisations, school unions, parent associations, alumni associations and other extracurricular organisations that fit in with liberal / non-confessional initiatives or with official education.
  • Trade unions, workmen’s circles and other employee organisations, employers’ associations, middle class organisations and professional associations.
  • Coöperatieves, real estate management companies (mainly Liberal Houses) and businesses.
  • Newspapers, magazines and publishers.
  • Freemasons and other lodges.
  • Political mandates, members and board members of aforementioned associations and organisations, journalists, authors, intellectuals, people from the educational world (teachers and inspectors) and artists.

Archives can be donated or entrusted to Liberas. Any restrictions on accessibility of donated archives are fixed by contract.