All creatures great and small
8 décembre 2020

Animals may not be the first thing you would expect to find in an image collection like ours. And yet, as a good illustration of the wide scope and diversity of our collections, there are plenty of captures of mankind’s four-legged friends available at Liberas, ranging from pets and mascots, farm and transportation animals, to animals in zoos and big game. And almost always they have a story to tell.

Le pointeur de recherche

Le pointeur de recherche est disponible dans le magasin d’archives des Archives libérales ou peut être commandé via
Heynssens Sarah et WILLEMS Bart, pointeur de recherche marine marchande belge (1830-1980), Set de recherche Pointeurs n ° 43, Publication n ° 5680, Archives nationales, Bruxelles, 2016, 5,00 (+ frais éventuels de port).

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All creatures great and small