Give me your farmers!
11 février 2021

Canada’s immigration policy may have been restrictive in the 19th century, in the decades before World War I the call for skilled labour forces, especially farmers, became increasingly louder. Insofar that the Canadian immigration agent in Antwerp presented his country with slogans like “Good harvests, healthy climate, low taxes and free schools”. Still, even then some settlers were more welcome than others, but Belgians were classified as « preferred class of immigrants ».

Le pointeur de recherche

Le pointeur de recherche est disponible dans le magasin d’archives des Archives libérales ou peut être commandé via
Heynssens Sarah et WILLEMS Bart, pointeur de recherche marine marchande belge (1830-1980), Set de recherche Pointeurs n ° 43, Publication n ° 5680, Archives nationales, Bruxelles, 2016, 5,00 (+ frais éventuels de port).

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Give me your farmers!