Shall we dance?
29 avril 2022

The iconographic collections of Liberas contain many images related to dance. More unexpected content within our collections? Maybe not that unexpected considering the omnipresence of social dancing or the importance of dance in the social structure in general. Yet our collections show dance in various forms, from classical ballet to ballroom dancing, from traditional dances to masquerade balls.

Posters and business cards announce dance events or training courses, stills and films document performances, rehearsals or festive occasions throughout a period of more than 150 years.

Here’s a selection.

Le pointeur de recherche

Le pointeur de recherche est disponible dans le magasin d’archives des Archives libérales ou peut être commandé via
Heynssens Sarah et WILLEMS Bart, pointeur de recherche marine marchande belge (1830-1980), Set de recherche Pointeurs n ° 43, Publication n ° 5680, Archives nationales, Bruxelles, 2016, 5,00 (+ frais éventuels de port).

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Shall we dance?