Stars in the archives
6 avril 2018

Movie stars, opera singers, maestros and choreographers may not form the core business of Liberas/Liberaal Archief, yet browsing through our photo collections often results in unexpected findings and demonstrates the rich variety of the cultural heritage preserved under our roof. As it turns out politicians do fancy a shot in the company of celebrities from the film and music business. In other instances internationally acclaimed foreign stars were invited to Belgium to receive an award or to attend a premiere. And last but not least, homegrown celebrities occasionally appear as well.

Le pointeur de recherche

Le pointeur de recherche est disponible dans le magasin d’archives des Archives libérales ou peut être commandé via
Heynssens Sarah et WILLEMS Bart, pointeur de recherche marine marchande belge (1830-1980), Set de recherche Pointeurs n ° 43, Publication n ° 5680, Archives nationales, Bruxelles, 2016, 5,00 (+ frais éventuels de port).

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Stars in the archives